Caught in the Crossfire – printed issue #2

As a follow up to 2013’s broadsheet, I published another one in 2014 (again, for the 2014 WFMU Record Fair).  This time around, I wrote about protest in current music and modes of portable music listening.  Artists include The National, Richard Wagner / Jonas Kaufman, Kanye West and Santigold.

If you weren’t able to stop by at my table a the fair, it’s available for download here – if you are partial to simulacra, you can print it out double-sided on a slightly off-white cardstock.

Otherwise, I still have a few left of the original print run for the cost of shipping, if interested please comment here and I will drop you a note via e-mail (your comment will not be made public unless you desire)

Many thanks to Forced Exposure for their continued sponsorship / moral support and those who spared a kind word or two.  The next issue will be published for the 2015 WFMU Record Fair in May.

Caught in the Crossfire #2


Kanye West, Jeff Koons and Albrecht Durer

These are both a bit old, but one is still alive and kicking on social media and the other one should be.  The one highlights the other, methinks.

A great piece by Jerry Saltz on the “Bound 2” video which pretty much nails it, context-wise:

Highlighting the grand irrelevant side of academics: